Back and Ready For the Playoffs

Well, the docs said it take six to eight weeks for me to recover from heart surgery, and damn if they weren’t right.  After six weeks, I was able to start back to work, but my boss was gracious to let me do half days at first.  That was much appreciated, as I would come home at lunch and just crash hard.  This week, seven weeks post-surgery, I was able to do full days, but still come home pretty worn out.  The trend is positive, though, and I feel really motivated this weekend to get active on this blog again, both because I believe I have the strength for it, and also we are headed into the Southern League playoffs.

When I headed off for surgery at the beginning of July, the Biloxi Shuckers had just won the first half of the season in a fairy tale manner worthy of Cooperstown.  Here in the second half they haven’t done as well, basically playing just .500 ball, but still surprisingly (mathematically at least) still in contention for the second-half crown.  I’m not holding my breath, and really I’m OK with us not grabbing the second-half, especially if it means conserving our players for the playoffs.  For example, not exhausting our bullpen, as might have been the temptation in last night’s blowout.

I really wish for the playoffs we could get back a few of the guys we’ve sent to Triple-A.  What’s it been, seven, eight guys? Pitchers Hiram Burgos, Jaye Chapman, Austin Ross and Brent Suter, and position players Brandon Macias, Michael Reed and Kyle Wren. [I miss anybody?] The Sky Sox aren’t going anywhere, so they would be free.  Aside from Hiram Burgos, none seem to be liable for a September call up by the parent club Brewers. Don’t you know we’d be unbeatable if we had any group of them back, in addition to the firepower and arms we still have?

Not that we’re lacking much as it is.  I mean, we have the Southern League Manager of the Year (Carlos Subero) and Most Outstanding Pitcher (Jorge Lopez). *AND* Lopez and Orlando Arcia have been named to the Southern League All-Star Team. And we’ve added the scorching hot Garrett Cooper.  Just need for these guys to get into playoff mode, and I think we have a great opportunity to have the perfect finish to a magical season.

As we head to the climax of the season, let’s see if I can update this blog at least daily.  There’s a lot to cover!

As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.


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