Anxieties, alright

What was I saying about anxiety?  Jeez.  After being blasted 13 to 6 last night to the Montgomery Biscuits, my anxieties over the Biloxi Shuckers has changed from the “are we really this good, or are they really that bad?” variety, to “OMG, can these guys just suddenly drop all attention and effort on a dime?”

You’ve all heard a score, then be told “it wasn’t that close.”  Well, that’s true in this case.  It was 11 to 1, in the second inning.  The Shuckers got 3 runs in garbage time in the ninth.  Nine errors. Nine!

Last night during the game I joked the Shuckers were so eager to get back to Biloxi for the home opener, they’ve left for the bus three hours early.

Let’s get this one behind behind us as quickly as possible.  And guys, if you want to ever make The Show, you’ve got to show you can maintain focus and effort every night, every inning.


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